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"To get a Pinch of luck, in your great efforts to succeed in life, follow Vaastu”


About us


Mr. M S Saieram a professional civil engineer having worked with one of India’s leading construction group started his own practice in 1996 and since then is offering Vaastu Consultancy services for several projects both in India and abroad.


About Vaastu


"Vaastu" denotes in simple terms “The conditions (or) the status of energy in a land (or) building where the occupant with his complete family can live happily and lead a successfully balanced growth in life.”


As specified in Vedic Shastras, while constructing a building the “Pancha Boothas" must be placed at appropriate locations. If we place the “Pancha Boothas“ as per specifications, it will give harmonious positive vibrations to the occupants. If we deviate, it will dishonor the energy, which in turn will give out negative vibrations to the occupants.


During the span of life one has to certainly undergo periods of positives and negatives. If a person lives in a “Vaastu” harmonious place he will enjoy more positive vibrations during the period of positivity and feel less negative vibrations during the period of negativity.


Even for existing buildings the Vaastu can be evaluated and corrected.


Our Services


Thus the services we Offer are highlighted as follows,


Ø       How applied “Vaastu” is very effective and how does it differs from general
“Vaastu" principles?


Ø       How does the modern designs of most of the I.T and other office buildings affect its occupants.


Ø       How does wrong placement of mirrors, E.B power boards, Generators, Air Conditioners, Stabilizers, Micro ovens affect the occupants?


Ø       How does the electricity board transformers (or) the E.B main poles sitting on the public road abutting a boundary affects the occupants of the Property?


Ø       How to prevent the negative vibrations affecting a property due to the Adjoining existing natural energies like lake, mountains etc.,,


Precautions To Avoid Negative Vaastu Energy


Aviod or evaluate through a Professional Consultant, the following types of Properties / Buildings:


Ø       Properties with less than 4 Corners (or) more than 4 Corners

Ø       Properties in shapes other than Square (or) Rectangular

Ø       Buildings not in symmetrical shape in plan (or) in elevation

Ø       Properties having a pit (or) well (or) bore well (or) septic tank in its southwest quadrant (or) outside the boundary & adjoining the south west quadrant

Ø       Properties having kitchen (or) E.B. main board (or) transformers in its south west quadrant (or) outside the boundary & adjoining the southwest quadrant.

Ø       Properties which doesn't have a open to sky in north east corner with in it's boundary

Ø       Properties facing Lakes / Parks / Power Station & Mountains

Ø       Properties facing the T-Junction (facing the opposite road)


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